Shakti originates from the Sanskrit shak – ‘to be able,’ meaning sacred force or empowerment. It is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism.

     True to its name, the Shakti Group was fuelled by the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of Mr. Srinivaas Sirigeri. It all started humbly in 1954 with creation of ESSO – a retail outlet dealership for HPC. But where most ambitions plateau, the success of ESSO led to the creation of a reputed and expansive business empire in Shakti Group.

     The enterprise that entered the market with the edible oils business has now taken under its wing a wide span of ventures, ranging from export, retail, real estate and green energy.

     Though the key propeller of the enterprise focuses itself on the business undertakings, what also drives it forward is the strife to grow and serve the ever-growing needs of the customer. At Shakti, we believe in ethical business conduct, stringent quality control and transparent operations as much as we do in growth. Such a holistic view of the enterprise has allowed us to create the rare goodwill in a short-sighted business environment.


         Quality is of utmost importance in all the work we undertake at the Shakti Group. So much so, that we take pride in our non-negotiable quality policy.

    Quality Policy:

    We at Shakti Group are committed to:
    Deliver quality services as per our customers’ requirements – On time and every time.
    Improving our services by improvement in processes and systems.
    Enhance skills of our team to match the service and system requirements.
    Ensure that we come up to the expectations of our customers.
    Comply with all statutory & regulatory requirements.

    What fuels the quality policy is the soul of Shakti. Our vision. Our guiding light.

    To work with pure intent and achieve pure success by providing complete satisfaction to our employees, customers, associates and investors.

    While this vision guides our minds, our hearts are governed by the mission to create sustainable models for improving the quality of life for the under-privileged and the deserving.

         At Shakti Group, we believe that a business enterprise can do much more than just business. For us, corporate social responsibility is not a term we must consider but an organically integrated aspect of the organization itself. Innovating and ideating to accomplish societal goals is a common practice in the Shakti work ethic. We channelize some of our efforts through organizations like Jaago India Movement, Devasiri Charitable Trust and Armman.