Mumbai, besides being the city of dreams, the busiest junction of Commerce, the finest example of a buzzing metro, has in the recent years has also found place in the disturbing limelight of riot, terror and chaos. In the wake of such events, while peace marches and candle vigils serve the purpose of allowing citizens to express their angst, their significance ends there.

     Mr. Srinivaas Sirigeri and a concerned associate, Mrs. Chanda Kathuria realized soon enough that standing up against adversity requires much more than reaction. There is a felt need for proactive, sustainable, outcome-oriented action.

     With this ambition, they created Jaago India Movement – A non-profit that culminated post the 26/11 attacks on the morale of this city. They like to call themselves an action group that is committed to change.

     At the Jaago India Movement, it is clear that long-lasting, grassroots action is required to inspire any change. The mission of this group is therefore very carefully crafted and defines itself as action to ensure:

  • Re-affirmation of one’s rights as the citizens of India
  • Safety and Security of the citizens
  • Quick and long term solutions to environmental and governance issues

     As a fairly new initiative, Jaago India Movement has already organized significant events which include conducting a voter’s registration camp where 2100 citizens got facilitation to register their names on the Electoral list and a one on one session with a BJP candidate, Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani with the residents of Powai.  The complete long list of initiatives is detailed on their website www.jimmumbai.org.